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AEB Fermol Complet Killer Fru – 500g

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FERMOL® Complet Killer Fru is a multipurpose yeast ideal for refermentations, white and red wines

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Product Description

  • Nutrient requirements: medium-low
  • Extremely versatile yeast, suitable both for the primary fermentation and for stuck fermentations or for the correction of the alcohol degree.
  • Particularly interesting its ability to quickly deplete fructose, that normally remains more abundantly as a residue in wines that have been subjected to stuck fermentations.
  • It is resistant to very high temperatures and high alcohol (34°C, 94°F and 17.5% alcohol).
  • The cells flocculate very well and the wine is easy to filter just a few days after the end of the fermentation.
  • It produces moderate amounts of SO2 and glycerol.
  • Glycerol production is much higher at high fermentation temperatures (28C/82F)

Additional Information

Weight1.2 lbs
Dimensions4 × 2.5 × 5.75 in
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