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  • kiesel floatclear b55 assembly Sale! kiesel floatclear b55 assembly

    Kiesel B-55 Floatclear (Replacement Parts)

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    Kiesel Floatclear pump mounting B55 for eccentric screw pumps. Conduct floatation on unfermented juice must for clarification w/o the energy and extended time needed for traditional cold settling.

    Original price was: CAD 8,500.00.Current price is: CAD 5,702.45.
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  • Sale!

    Clearance! Replacement OEM Membrane/Bladder for Della Toffola PE25 Membrane Press

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    Membrane PVC D.OR=770 OR=8 L-2300 DE=1300

    Original price was: CAD 5,995.00.Current price is: CAD 5,112.00.
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  • Sale! stelvin 30h60 red sfe

    Clearance! STELVIN® 30H60 Red SFE

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    Red STELVIN® closure with Sarantin liner. 30H60. 1350 closures/box. 215.3060RSFSTEL.

    Original price was: CAD 265.00.Current price is: CAD 215.00.
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  • Danmil-30”-pleated-PES-membrane-filter-cartridge-1

    Clearance! Danmil 30? pleated PES membrane filter cartridge

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    Danmil 30” pleated PES membrane filter cartridge. 1.2 microns absolute. Code 7–226-DOE w/Fins.

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