Endozym ICS 10 Rouge

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About Endozym ICS 10 Rouge
Ideal Use: For the extraction of color, phenolics and aromatics .
  • Liquid enzymatic preparation for red grape musts
  • Endozym ICS 10 Rouge has been designed for the production of quality red wines and is in the form of a super-concentrated liquid.
  • It has 36,500 Pectolitic Units per gram and has a 34,500 FDU activity at 20°C. These values make Endozym ICS 10 Rouge an enzymatic preparation that is, for technical data, noticeably superior with regard to other products on the market.
  • The specific composition characterizes Endozym ICS 10 Rouge for aimed collateral enzymatic activities (cellulasic, polygalacturonasic, hemicellulasic), and thanks to these qualities, it improves color extraction as it rapidly makes the skin cellular walls permeable, it facilitates anthocyans extraction in order to obtain more structured and complex wines and acts on the marc increasing its permeability and enabling a noticeable increase in the must-wine yield.
  • Experimental data shows that a rational use of this enzymatic preparation grants the highest concentration in noble skin tannins, reduces pressing intensity and maceration times which are some of the main culprits of bitter tannin extraction.
  • Endozym ICS 10 Rouge is obtained from substrata granting the absence of both pectin-methyl-esterase and anthocyanase and thanks to these peculiar qualities, anthocyans are extracted without being de-graded, and wine keeps color tonalities stable over time
Dosage Rate & Usage Instructions
  • Standard addition is 1 to 3 mls per ton of grapes.
    Higher doses must be used for grapes with low pH, problematic
    settling vintages or cultivars.
  • Enzymes are proteins and tend to be inactivated by tannins. They will have a short life in a red must environment. We recommend adding the macerating enzymes only in optimal conditions. This would be during a pump over, right when fermentation starts. The product should be diluted in 20-30 parts of sulfur-free must or in demineralized water.
Shelf Life and Storage
  • It should be stored at temperatures lower than 10°C-50°F for 2 years max.
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Packaging Size

  • 250g
  • 1kg
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