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AEB Endozym ICS 10 Éclair

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Liquid enzymatic preparation for quick clarifications of pectin rich white musts.

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  • Liquid enzymatic preparation for quick clarifications of pectin rich white musts
  • Endozym ICS 10 Éclair is a liquid super-concentrated enzyme characterized by a noticeable pectinlyasic activity; it contains in fact 35,000 Pectinlyase units, giving this product a clarification activity far higher than that of all other products. It has been specifically formulated to demolish grape pectic chains and displays a high pectinlyasic activity, quickly reducing must viscosity and obtain a quick settling.
  • Its use is recommended on white musts rich in pectic substances and with a high content in suspended solids.
  • Endozym ICS 10 Éclair is very effective in the presence of a high microbiological pollution and its utilization is excellent in musts obtained from pellicular maceration, that are sometimes difficult to clarify due to the quick development of the indigenous microflora.
  • Musts optimally clarified display a reduction in the quantity of indigenous Yeasts and the prevalence of the inoculated Yeasts is facilitated.
  • With the utilization of this preparation, yields in free run juice are increased and more compact sediments are obtained. The filterability of the musts treated with Endozym ICS 10 Éclair improves and a noticeable saving in filter aids is obtained.
  • In the case of musts from cold static clarification, the quantity of clear must, referred to the total of treated must, increases over 10%.
  • The utilization of Endozym ICS 10 Éclair is particularly suited for Muscat grapes and, more generally, when conditions occur that are difficult for a valid clarification on musts coming from white grapes. The doses of utilization vary between 0,2 and 1 g per 100 kg of must.


  • Standard addition is 2 to 5 mls per ton of grapes or juice.
    Higher doses must be used for grapes with low pH, problematic
    settling vintages or cultivars.
  • Dilute directly in 20-30 parts of non-sulfurized must or
    in demineralized water and add to must or directly onto the grapes.
    If grapes are too rich in phenolics the product may be added at the
    press discharge to avoid extraction of color and bitterness.


  • Stable at low temperature (10°C-50°F) for two years max.

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