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Laffort Zymaflore Omega – 500g

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Non-Saccharomyces yeast (Lachancea thermotolerans) for the BIOAcidification of wine.

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Resulting from a mass selection from the Lachancea thermotolerans species, ZYMAFLORE® OMEGALT stands out for its strong capacity for acidification. It can convert part of the fermentable sugars in the must into L-lactic acid, thus adding freshness to the wine and restoring its balance.

The use of ZYMAFLORE® OMEGALT allows:

  • An increase in total acidity and a reduction in pH.
  • A slight reduction in the alcoholic strength of the wines
  • Production of wines in a fresh, fruity style, while respecting the typical character of the grape varieties.
  • Stabilisation of the colour and increased ageing capacity.
  • Production of more acidic batches with a view to blending.
  • Inhibition of MLF at L-lactic acid concentrations greater than 3 – 4 g/L.

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