Fermol Rouge

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About Fermol Rouge:
  • Controlled by the microbiology laboratory from the University of Reims, Champagne-Ardenne France, faculty of sciences.
  • This is AEB's workhorse red wine yeast and is similar in characteristics to the Fermol Blanc.
  • Thanks to its vigor and resistance, it rapidly prevails over the indigenous flora found in large quantities in red wine vinification. It is a consistent and reliable yeast particularly recommended for the production of young wines, rosé wines and wines for medium-term aging, with intense red berry aromas and good structure.
  • Furthermore, when compared to other selected yeasts, Fermol Rouge produces wines with more intense colour, given its ability to fix the colouring substances extracted during maceration.
Dosage Rate:
  • 10-30g/100kg crushed grape
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  • Packaging Size:
  • 500g
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Product: Fermol Rouge

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