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Laffort Zymaflore Klima – 500g

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Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast selected for its ability to lower the alcohol content while preserving the acidity of wines.

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Zymaflore Klima is an acidifying strain of S. cerevisiae. This yeast was selectively bred (non-GMO!) to contain all 7 of the qualitative trait markers involved in lower alcohol production and all 8 markers indicated in malic acid production by yeast metabolism. Klima has a short lag phase and regular fermentation kinetics, is low SO2 and low VA producing, and yields a fresh and balanced wine without adding acid or ameliorating potential alcohol.

On Sauvignon blanc, Klima yielded a wine that was 0.3% lower in alcohol, 0.5g/L higher in titratable acidity, and 1.85g/L higher in glycerol, relative to identical fermentation conditions using X5 and XOrigin. Tasting it alongside X5 and XOrigin, the Klima Sauvignon blanc stood out for its elegance, balance, and freshness, while still showing classic Sauvignon blanc aromatics.

In Merlot, Klima produced a wine that was 0.5% lower in alcohol and 1.7g/L higher in titratable acidity, compared to identical fermentations using F15.

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