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About Microcel
Ideal Uses: Botrysized or moldy grape musts.Oxidative protection.
  • The main philosophy of the Microcel product is that modern winemaking usually prefers a preventive approach instead of a curative one.
  • Using Microcel winemakers stops oxidation at its onset.
  • Microcel is an active-absorbent clarifier for musts and wines.It is composed of potassium caseinate, active fibers, and micronized pharmaceutical bentonite.
  • During fermentation, Microcel absorbs the proanthocyanidins and monomeric catechins, which cause oxidation in wines.
  • The color of treated wines becomes more appealing with greenish hues in white wines or more defined pink hues in the case of rose’ wines.
  • Musts treated with Microcel produce more complex wines, which retain their individual characteristics longer.

Effects of different Microcel components

Potassium Caseinate:

  • Using potassium caseinate during fermentation results in a lower level of oxidable polyphenols (procyanidins and catechins), lower dissolved oxygen (DO) and therefore a finished wine that is going to be more resistant to oxygen. Potassium caseinate also fines for copper as well as iron (up to 50% of the initial content).


  • The Bentonite used in Microcel is an extremely fine earth product selected to be very high in Na+. Having bentonite in the fermenting must is going to result in several advantages:
    • Reduces the amount of bentonite required for protein stabilization
    • Absorbs laccases and triosynases which oxidize polyphenols
    • Absorbs fungicides

Activated Celluloses:

  • Activated Celluloses improve fermentation kinetics by absorbing toxins and long chain fatty acids that inhibit the yeast during fermentation.
  • Also, the cellulose is going to work as a “boat” for the yeast cells so they can stay well suspended in the media.
  • This is crucial especially in cold fermentation, when the activity is quite slow and there is little CO2.
  • In these conditions yeast usually tend to precipitate down and bacteria take over in the upper part of the tank causing VA production.
Dosage Rate & Usage Instructions
  • 20-50g/hL
  • Dissolve the dose of Microcel in about 5-10 parts of cold water, wait approx 15 minutes, add to mass quickly and with mixing.

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  • 25kg
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