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Laffort Actiflore RMS2 – 10Kg

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ACTIFLORE® RMS2 is a yeast particularly suited to difficult conditions producing low levels of reducing compounds.

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Product Description

ACTIFLORE® RMS2 is also recommended for secondary fermentation in sparkling wines.


  • Alcohol tolerance: up to 17% vol.
  • Low nitrogen requirement.
  • Tolerant of low temperatures: from 10°C (50°F).
  • Low H2S production.
  • Tolerant of low turbidity (< 50 NTU).


Neutral strain producing low levels of sulphur compounds.


  • Add the yeast as soon as possible after filling the tank
  • Respect the prescribed dose to ensure a good yeast implantation, even in case of abundance of indigenous yeasts.
  • The temperature, choice of yeast strain, rehydration procedure and cellar hygiene are also essential for successful establishment of the population.


  • 20 – 30 g/hL (200 – 300 ppm) (depending on the must characteristics and vinification conditions).

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