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AEB Levulia Alcomeno Organic – 500g

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Certified organic yeast. Non saccharomyces. Lachancea thermotolerans species. Converts sugars to lacitic acid, thus decreasing total alcohol. Used at the start of fermentation, up to 7%. Must be re-inoculated with s.cerevisiae to finish.

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LEVULIA ALCOMENO is a yeast strain coming from a microbial ecological research program that has allowed isolating different non-Saccharomyces yeast species. This selection, generated by various «terroirs» of Burgundy, was conducted in collaboration with the University of Vine and Wine (IUVV) in Dijon. LEVULIA ALCOMENO belongs to the species Lachancea thermotolerans, a yeast strain naturally present on the grape berry contributing, from the stage of alcoholic pre-fermentation, to the organoleptic complexity of wine. LEVULIA ALCOMENO carries out the lactic fermentation from sugars and allows bringing wine freshness and balance to the mouth. The result is a high increase of total acidity and a decrease of the alcohol content. At the analytical level, wines fermented with LEVULIA ALCOMENO are differentiated by a decrease of the alcohol content and an increase of lactic acid. Such physical-chemical variations depend on the vine, the climatic conditions and the quality of the yeast settling in the must.

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