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Laffort Nutristart Arom

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A complete nutrient based of organic nitrogen sources and diammonium phosphate. Specially formulated to develop the organoleptic complexity (aromas and taste) of wines.

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The balance between its organic nitrogen sources results in the production of more elegant wines, with more finesse, typicality and better balance in the palate. The glutathione-rich fraction of the formulation participates in the protection of the aromas formed during the alcoholic fermentation of white and rosé wines.

  • Ensures a consistent and complete alcoholic fermentation when facing light to moderate nitrogen deficiency in juices and must.
  • In the case of high nitrogen deficiency or potentially high ABV, complete NUTRISTART® AROM with a mineral nitrogen source, in order to guarantee sufficient nutrition to yeast.

The amount of available nitrogen needed should be determined according to the potential ABV of the must. For a successful fermentation, the richer the must is, the higher is the nitrogen dosage needed, as well as other growth factors.


• 20 to 60 g/hL (200 – 600 ppm). To be calculated according to the initial available nitrogen of the must, its potential ABV, turbidity (NTU) and the chosen yeast strain. U.E. Regulation: Maximum legal dosage of still wines: 500 g/hL. / Second fermentation of sparkling wines: 150 g/hL

USA Regulation 27 CFR 24.246 Specific TTB Limitation: 40.05 lb/1,000gal (4,800ppm)

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