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AEB Fermoplus Red Berry – 500g

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Yeast nutrient composed of yeast hulls and autolyzed yeast cells which aids in the production of raspberry and violet notes. Wine dosage. 20-60g/hl.

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The AEB research group, actively aware of the key and central role of nitrogen nutrition, has strengthened the link between the amino acid composition of a nutrient and the aromatic profile of wine. Among the varieties offered by the market, it has chosen the Lambrusco grape, in the various Salamino, Sorbara and Grasparossa varieties, for their fruity bouquet which ranges from cherry to raspberry and is enhanced in the floral notes of the violet, as well as the distinctive traits of Grasparossa with notes of peach kernel. With this in mind, AEB has developed a new nutrient in the Fermoplus varietal range. Fermoplus Red Berry shares the fruity and floral notes with the grape, enhancing them both in sparkling red wines and in rosé wines, increasing their aromatic potential.

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