Lafase® HE Grand Cru

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About Lafase® HE Grand Cru

Ideal Use: A purified granular pectolytic enzyme for maceration, For ageworthy red wines

  • Specific for traditional macerations (with or without pre-fermentation maceration) for producing structured wines designed for ageing, rich in colouring matter and elegant tannins.
  • Encourages gentle extraction of more stable phenolic compounds (more polymerised anthocyanins and tannins) and increases ageing potential.
  • Optimises wine clarification.
  • Specifically extracts lower size polysaccharides (Rhamnogalacturonan, RGII) and less of larger size
  • polysacchardes (PRAG). This reduction in the molecular size facilitates the free-run juice extraction and the wine clarification. RGII also participate in the wine stabilisation and improve the perception of mouthfeel and of lower astringency.
  • Optimises free run wine yield.
Dosage Rate
  • Dosage: 3 - 5 g/100 kg of grapes.
Options Available
Packaging Size
  • 100g
  • 500g
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Product: Lafase® HE Grand Cru