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Laffort FreshArom – 1Kg

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Specific preparation of inactivated Yeasts with a high antioxidant capacity.

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Product Description

Specific preparation of inactivated yeast with high protective power, for aroma preservation in white and rosé wines.

Thanks to its unique reducing metabolite composition, FRESHAROM® is able to:

  • Allow the yeast to assimilate glutathione precursors (cysteine, N-acetyl cysteine) during AF, and therefore boost wine glutathione content.
  • Protect the aromatic potential of the wine and significantly delay the appearance of oxides notes (ageing aromas: sotolon and phenylacetaldehyde).
  • Inhibit the browning mechanism.

FRESHAROM® produces wines that are more aromatic and with higher ageing potential.

Elaboration of sparkling wines:

  • Obtains more aromatic sparkling wines with better cellaring potential.
  • Thanks to its composition, FRESHAROM® participates actively to the bubble finesse and foam persistance.
  • Particularly adapted to the Charmat method.


30 g/hL

Incorporate into tank during the first 1/3rd of alcoholic fermentation

  • Specific preparation of inactivated Yeasts with a high antioxidant capacity.
  • Rich in glutathione and reductive metabolites, glutathione has a significantly higher antioxidant potential than SO2 or ascorbic acid.
  • Enables the Yeast to assimilate glutathione precursors (cysteine, N-acetylcysteine…) during alcoholic fermentation and thus synthesise more of this tripeptide.
  • Efficiently protects the wine’s aromatic potential and significantly delays the appearance of oxidised notes.
  • Obtains more aromatic wines with improved ageing potential.
  • OMRI: Listed for use in organic winemaking (National Organic Program).

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