Fermoplus Energy GLU

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About Fermoplus Energy GLU
Ideal Use: Yeast Rehydration
  • An amino acid based product obtained from the extract of selected strains of yeast.
  • The purity of the extract in terms of amino acids is guaranteed by a centrifugation process that ensures that the size of the molecules present in the extract are less than 0.5 Kilo Dalton.
  • This is the size that a yeast cell can immediately metabolize.
  • For this reason the rate of addition of Fermoplus Energy GLU is much lower than most re-hydration nutrients available.
  • Fermoplus Energy Glu accelerates multiplication speed improving the biomass, and this facilitates dominance of the selected yeast strain.
Why GLU?
  • This product features a natural high glutathione content. AEB achieves this by selecting a yeast strain that has an extract with glutathione in higher concentration than normal. Glutathione is a natural antioxidant and ensures yeast cells are not damaged by the high oxidative activity existing during rehydration.
  • Dissolve directly in the rehydration water along with the yeast.
Dosage Rate
  • 1:4 compared to yeast inoculum. i.e. 25 grams/hL of yeast will need 6 grams/hL of Fermoplus Energy Glu
Shelf Life and Storage
  • Fermoplus Energy Glu is stable at room temperature for at least two years


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Product: Fermoplus Energy GLU