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AEB Fermoplus Sauvignon

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Yeast nutrient with a high content of amino acids. Aids with building aromatics in both wine and beer. Contains skin tannin from Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Wine dosage 15-50g/hl.

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FERMOPLUS Sauvignon is suitable for white grapes to highlight the aromatic heritage. The use of this nutrient in must from grapes such as Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin, Viognier, Vermentino, Albana, allows perceiving much more clearly the typical aromas of this variety, whereas the addition of this nutrient in different varieties facilitates the production of hints related to the notes of these grapes. This confirms how, through Ehrlich’s mechanism, some aromatic notes are an expression of the amino acid heritage The presence of skin tannin also carries out an antioxidant action on the aromatic precursors and shelf life of the aromas produced.

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