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AEB Cremor Stop Extra 40 – 1kg

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For tartrate protection in the bottle.

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Product Description


  • Cremor Stop is a very pure metatartaric acid with a very high esterification index. The efficiency of metatartaric acid depends on the amount of active hemipolylactide it contains and its degree of condensation.
  • Control of the quality of metatartaric acid preparation is based on measuring their esterification index or percentage of esterified functions. The most active products have an esterification index of 38-40%. It requires twice as much of the product at 30% to obtain the same protection.
  • Because of its high esterification index Cremor Stop extra 40 has the highest effectiveness in preventing the formation of potassium bitartrate and calcium tartrate crystals.
  • This ability is prolonged in time for longer periods than with similar products, as its esterification index, which is always above 40° makes hydrolysis very slow, even at temperature and acidity conditions aimed at reducing its anti-crystallizing properties.
  • It is recommended to always add Cremor Stop Extra 40 after the addition of organic and inorganic clarifiers, deacidifying products, decolorizing or deodorizing carbons, or potassium ferrocyanide
  • . A filtration carried out 12-24 hours after the addition of Cremor Stop Extra 40 eliminates the possible occurrence of opalescence, caused by the high esterification index and by the presence of protein based substances in the wine.


  • 10-15g/hL
  • Dissolve the product in cold water at about 200g/L. Avoid using hot water and always make a fresh solution every time. Add to the wine by pumping over or through a Venturi pipe. Do not use in wines rich in calcium or stored in concrete tanks. An addition of 55ml/Hl of Arabinol makes Cremor Stop 40 even more stable in time.

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