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AEB Antibrett

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For smoke taint and Brettanomyces treatment.

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Product Description

The innovative effect of Antibrett is due to particular enzymatically activated preparations based on yeast cells walls, displaying high adsorbing properties towards 4-ethyl-phenol and 4-ethyl-gaiacol, compounds giving wines unpleasant smells reminiscent of horse sweat, medicines and plaster.

Such cells walls are obtained with a production system aimed to the degradation of the yeast cell wall only, chitin in particular, preserving the struc- ture of the cytoplasmic membrane, presenting a specific
high adsorbing ability.

Antibrett inhibits the production of vinyl-reductase, participating to the transformation of cinnamic acids, naturally present in wines, into the corre- sponding ethyl derivatives, responsible of smells ascribable to

Brettanomyces pollution is almost always caused by a limited number of cells and the only utilization of Antibrett is enough to eliminate the micro- organism from wines. The utilization of free sulphur dioxide,
at least 15 mg/L, facilitates the antiseptic action against Brettanomyces.

Antibrett should be used when a pollution is certain, but even as a prevention when a conta- minationis feared: in fact Brettanomyces has very long incubation times (3-8 months), during which anomalous
smells do not appear.

Antibrett is also used in wines at the end of fermentation, when a pollution is feared because of adverseweather and phytosanitary conditions or for unregular fermentation runs. The utilization of Antibrett is effective even against other anomalous smells, such as the ones of dirty barrels and moulds, which are often found in wines.

Composition and technical characteristics: Yeast cell walls.

Dosage: Up to 40 g/hL depending on the pollution.

Instructions for use: Dissolve in water at the ratio 1:10 and immediately add to the wine during a strong air pumping over. We suggest a content in free S02 not lower than 15 mg/L. Check the protein stability after the addition.

Storage and packaging: Store in a dry and cool place. 500 g packs in 4 kg cartons

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