Lysocid W

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Ideal Use: Bacterial protection in “dirty” juice and inhibition of malolactic bacteria growth in must, juice and wine.

Lysocid W is a naturally obtained enzyme from selected egg albumin, which has the capacity to breakdown lactic cellular walls. It helps degrade the cell walls of gram-positive bacteria such as Oenococcus, Pediococcus and Lactobacillus. It is not effective against gram-negative bacteria like Acetobacter and has no effect on yeast.

Utilization: Dissolve Lysocid W in a 1:10 ration in water, juice or wine and add uniformly to musts or wines. Do not treat with bentonite or other fining agents for 24 hours after addition to avoid inactivation of the enzyme.

Dosage: Grapes: 10 - 25 g/hL, slow/suck ferments: 25 - 40g/hL.

Shelf life and storage: 2 years stored in cold temperature in a non-humid environment.

Packaging: 500 g packs

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Product: Lysocid W