Aromax B4

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Ideal Use: Microbial and oxidative protection of grapes during transport.

This is a proprietary mix that optimizes anti-oxidation and antiseptic protection. The perlite used to immobilize the ascorbic acid and the potassium metabisulfite float, only releasing the components when they are wetted, in this way it forms a protective layer on the wetted surface of broken berries, juice in the gondolas, or holding tanks.

Utilization: Disperse the powder on the bins, boxes, trucks, and conveyers or in any stage that needs anti-oxidant protection for the juice. Use at ½ - 1 kg/ton. (1 kg/ton will release 54 ppm of SO2 and 60 - 70 ppm ascorbic).

Dosage: ½ - 1 kg/ton

Shelf life and storage: 2 years stored at room temperature at low humidity

Packaging: 5 kg bags

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Product: Aromax B4