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AEB Arabinol HC – 25kg

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Highly concentrated gum Arabic with high molecular weight, non fermentable sugars.

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Product Description

  • Arabinol HC is a solution of about 33.5% gum Arabic, mostly composed of polysaccharides with high molecular weight.
  • After their hydrolysis they release non-fermentable sugars like arabinose, rhamnose and glucuronic acid. All these will contribute to the softness and sweetness of the mid palate in the wines treated.
  • From a chemical point of view, Arabinol HC, is a chain of D-galactose units ramified with D-glucuronic acid, with I-rhamnose or l-arabinose final units.
  • The carachteristics of this premium gum Arabic are derived from the unique composition of the soil where the Acacia grows.
  • In fact Arabinol HC is derived from trees that grow in presence of Rhizobium Leguminosarumon their roots, able to fix the atmospheric N.
  • The combination of these characteristics with the application of other farming techniques, results in an increase of N and Mg.
  • The presence of such compounds modifies the soil pH, increasing the concentration and solubility of salts near the plant and consequently the pH of its lymph.
  • This will ultimately yield a gum with higher softening and stabilizing power.


  • We recommend to do lab trials to asses the proper dosage.
  • Add to finished red and white wines that are stable and ready to be filtered. Addition should be done after diluting 1:20 in wine in order to improve the homogenization of the product. It is suitable for wines that undergo membrane filtration after a week from its addition.

Additional Information

Weight60 lbs
Dimensions11.25 × 9 × 18.5 in
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