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AEB Taniblanc – 1kg

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Enhances fruit and oxidation resistance in wines.

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Product Description

Taniblanc is a particular powder ellagic tannin, studied to be used on musts, white and rosé wines. It derives from prized varieties of wood, which have undergone a process of grinding, extraction, concentration and drying through atomization. When used on must or during fermentation, Taniblanc develops particular structural qualities which complement the natural characteristics, by enhancing their aroma and taste.

Ideal Use: fine tuning of white and rosé wines

Taniblanc is a soft ellagic tannin derived from prized South American White Oak, and highly purified for use in musts, red, white and roséwines. Taniblanc has an affinity for oxygen and therefore protects the utilizable components. Its antioxidant activity provides wines with oxidative protection during the entire period of bottle maturation. The use of Taniblanc, even from the early stages of must processing, produces straw-yellow wines with youthful and intense varietal characterization. It balances wine structure eliminating the coarseness caused by an excessive content of proathocyanidinic tannins.

Utilization: Re-hydrate in warm water (35 °C/95 °F) or wine, for 1/2hr before mixing. Then add directly to circulating tank or barrel


Red wines: 10-50 g/Hl (1-4 lbs/1000 gal)

Rosé wines 10–25 g/Hl (1-2 lbs/1000 gal)

White wines 5-10 g/Hl (1/2 – 1 lbs/1000 gal)

Packaging: 1 kg packet

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Weight2.3 lbs
Dimensions14 × 5 × 2 in
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