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Brew 5-day Tropical Sours with intense aromatics and flavours

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Sour beers have a long and rich history in brewing. In fact, when beer brewing began hundreds of years ago many beers were sour, as they contained naturally occurring bacteria which gave the beverage its distinctive sour taste. Traditionally, these sours are created with the help of the spontaneous fermentation of two lactic acid forming bacteria; Lactobacillus and Pediococcus, and the intricate alteration of flavors by other microorganisms such as Saccharomyces and Brettanomyces.

In the last few years, sour beers have been reborn and rediscovered by both brewers and drinkers alike. Modern sour recipes offer more distinctive, diverse flavour profiles compared to more traditional styles, and it’s thanks to these unique and varied flavours that sour beers have significantly grown in popularity.

By combining 3 of AEB’s brewing products, you can create a full-flavoured & aromatically nuanced sour in less than a week. As we approach the busiest time of the year for breweries in North America, this can greatly increase the fermentation capacity in your sour program.

Sour in just 2 days!

AEB Fermo Brew Acid

aeb fermo brew acid 500g

FERMO Brew Acid is a yeast that is used instead of lactic acid bacteria in the wort acidification process. Its uniqueness lies in its ability to transform monosaccharides in the wort into lactic acid.

The result is an extremely pleasant and well-balanced beer with a rounded, refreshing acidity, (typically at a pH of 3.5 or lower), without compromising the classic fermentation aromas or a clean sensory profile.

  • FERMO Brew Acid is not a Lactobacillus bacteria, but Lachancea Thermotolerans, which removes any risk of contamination in the brewhouse.
  • FERMO Brew Acid operates like a traditional active dry yeast – simply add this to your cooled wort post-boil and monitor your pH levels. A pH level of 3.2 can be achieved in as little as 48 hours.
  • To stop the FERMO Brew Acid fermentation, simply pitch the Saccharomyces yeast of your choice when you reach the target pH. The FERMO Brew Acid fermentation will end quickly after contact with your primary fermentation pitch.
  • FERMO Brew Acid has a range of temperatures it can ferment at. Lower temperatures (18°-21°) offer citrus characteristics, while higher temperatures (25°-28°C) offer tropical fruit notes.
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Ferment in just 3 days!

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AEB Fermo Kveik H

Kveik H enables extremely fast fermentations at warm temperatures with complete attenuation within 48 – 72 hours and outstanding flocculation. This allows energy savings, yield efficiencies & optimization of the fermentation cellar capacity.
It produces clear beers with a consistent flavour profile of intense yet pleasant stone fruit, tangerine, pineapple & mango notes across the entire optimal fermentation temperature range.

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AEB Fermo Kveik SV (VOSS)

A genuine top fermenting Kveik strain from Voss, Norway. It features fast fermentation at warm temperature range with complete final attenuation within 48 to 72 hours and an outstanding flocculation ability. This allows energy savings, yield efficiencies & optimization of the fermentation cellar capacity. It produces clear beers with a consistent fruity flavour profile of soft orange peel and citrus notes across the entire optimal fermentation temperature range.

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Add Biotransformative Nutrients

With their unique formulation and natural amino acids, the FERMOPLUS® Yeast Nutrients enhance the yeast’s ability to convert hop-derived aroma-active thiol precursors via the process of biotransformation. This releases intense floral and fruity aromas in the beer.

aeb fermoplus fruity 1kg

AEB Fermoplus Fruity

A Yeast Nutrient with natural amino acids for enhancing fruity tropical aromas of peaches, mangos, passionfruit, and guava, as well as refreshing hints of oranges and limes.

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fermoplus sauvignon

AEB Fermoplus Sauvignon

A yeast nutrient enriched with sauvignon grape skin tannins and natural mannoproteins for enhancing aromas ranging from zesty limes to gooseberries and fresh green aromas of cut grass.

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fermoplus red berry

AEB Fermoplus Red Berry

A Yeast nutrient with a high content of amino acids, ideal for obtaining beer with excellent aromatic expression. It’s composed of yeast hulls and autolyzed yeast cells which aids in the production of raspberry and violet notes.

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tart, complex and flavourful sour in just 5 days

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