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Yeast Nutrients Addition Protocol – AEB®


  1. Add 0.5lb/100 gal Fermoplus Energy Glu 3.0 in rehydration to ensure fast yeast adaptation and to increase fermentation performance.
  2. Add 100-200 ppm of organic nitrogen nutrients (dap free, tropical, floral) right after inoculation.
  3. Calculate the total YAN requirement, depending on the yeast strain, juice chemical analysis, and fermentation parameters: YAN addition will be equal to the target Yan minus the available YAN. Fermentations prolonged using low temperatures (<12c) will need about 20% extra YAN.
    • Very low/ low YAN requiring strains = Brix * 7.5
    • Medium YAN requiring strains = Brix * 9
    • High YAN requiring strains = Brix * 12.5
  4. Target your YAN with DAP containing nutrients at 1/3 of the fermentation. (e.g. 100-200 ppm Fermpoplus integrateur or Enovit P.)
  5. If the fermentation is sluggish or stuck, consider adding 100-200 ppm Fermocel P or Celloferm.

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