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Winemaking With Fruit Exposed to Smoke

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With parts of Canada experiencing smoky skies from wildfires, we understand that vineyards and wineries may be dealing with fruit that has been exposed to smoke. Cellar-Tek is here to support – our in-house experts are experienced in treatments and processes to minimize the effects of smoke in juice and finished wine. We have compiled protocols and resources below. Please contact us for more information and assistance. We wish all the smoke-affected growing regions clear skies and a smooth & fruitful harvest, and sincere thanks to all the fire crews for their tireless efforts.

Protocol for Winemaking with fruit exposed to smoke.

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Watch Shaun Richardson from Laffort USA and our very own in-house winemaker Andy Shillington talking about practical applications to help mitigate fruit exposure to smoke in winemaking:

Watch a webinar from ‘Laffort Rendevous 2023’ conducted by Jon Frost from Nobile about how to use Oak Chips to help reduce the impact of smoke on red wine:

Please see below Nobile Oak tasting results from the tastings conducted at Laffort USA Rendevous 2023. The attendees were all winemakers, and in particular, winemakers with a high degree of exposure to smoke affected wines.

WineryTasting Results on Smoke Affected Wines
McMinnville, ORDownload
Paso Robles, CADownload
Richland, WADownload
Santa Rosa, CADownload

The caliber of the palates involved, and statistical significance of the sensory findings are quite compelling.  Please reach out to Andy for an opportunity to run trials on your wines.

Andy Shillington

Wine, Cider & Spirits Product Sales Consultant

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