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Sour Beer Game-Changer: AEB Fermo Brew Acid!

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AEB Fermo Brew Acid: Yeast-Fermented Sours

Highly versatile brewing yeast for the production of consistent and controllable sour beers without the risk of introducing bacterial cultures into your cellar!

Brew delicious and well-balanced sours with a rounded, refreshing acidity (pH of 3.5 or lower) and excellent drinkability without compromising the classic fermentation aromas or a clean sensory profile.

Fast to Produce

Sour in just 2-3 days! After the wort production, the beer can be pitched with the nutrients Fermoplus Fruity or Fermoplus Fragrance for a more efficient fermentation.

Easy to Use and Manage pH Levels

Treat like a conventional active dry yeast. The pH drops gradually, making it easier to monitor pH levels and pinpoint the time to halt the souring fermentation. Once you hit your desired pH target, pitch one of your standard beer yeasts to complete the fermentation.

Reduced Cost

Eliminate the cost of pricey acidified malts, lactic acid additions, down time in the kettle and/or mixed microflora/bacteria (including beer spoilage bacteria and yeasts).

Reduced Risk of Cross-contamination

Due to its nature, which is neither a beer spoilage bacteria nor Brett strain, it doesn’t require dedicated brewing equipment or specific sanitization protocols. Any residual presence of Fermo Brew Acid on the equipment will not be able to grow with the presence of conventional brewing yeasts (S. cerevisiae), so future batches can’t be contaminated.

Ferment in a Wide Temperature Range

11°C to 25°C, without producing a pungent sour character. At 18°C FERMO Brew Acid will evolve towards citrus notes of grapefruit, while at higher temperatures (25°C), the profile will be more orientated towards tropical fruit notes such as mango and papaya.

Brewers ❤️ AEB Fermo Brew Acid!

“The yeast definitely outperformed my expectations on the first two brews we used it in. I may be a bit of a dinosaur, but I have always been more of a live-lacto-sour kind of guy. I don’t really care for kettle sours so I have always just pitched lacto directly to fermentor and brought in 3rd party packagers to get it into cans, so when we decided to try this product, I was pretty skeptical of the character it would produce. As you can see by the order history, I have been pleasantly surprised by it. The pink guava sour it is used in has been a pretty decent seller and I am actually drinking quite a bit of it myself.”

Chris Derpak – Twin Sails Brewing

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