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AEB Polygel BH – 15Kg

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Polygel BH is a specific wort stabilizer which acts both on proteins, excess polyphenols and tannoids utilizing selected PVPP and Silica under controlled humidity to promote clarity and stability in the finished beer without degradation of flavour.

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Product Description

  • PVPP and Silica based beer stabilizer.
  • The stabilizing action of Polygel BH is due to the presence of PVPP that adsorbs simple polyphenols (proanthocyanidins and anthocyanins) and to the silica component selectively adsorbing proteins with low and medium molecular weight, thus completing stabilization.
  • Polygel BH, effective with very short contact times and at low temperatures, enables a better distribution of the product than with the use of pure PVPP, does not leave residues and improves beer color, aroma and taste, while the foam remains stable.
  • It furthermore reduces doses of ascorbic acid, silica gel and proteolytic enzymes that might be used later in the brewing process.

Additional Information

Weight34 lbs
Dimensions28.5 × 16.5 × 8 in

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