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OakPLUS Chips and Fines

Can be used during every stage of winemaking. Multi-stage additions are encouraged because additions at each stage of the wine processing will create different premium oak flavour profiles. During fermentation, OakPLUS will minimize undesirable vegetal characters, provide co-pigmentation to bind colour, and give body and mouthfeel. OakPLUS added during aging offers tannin, body and true premium barrel flavours. A small amount added just prior to bottling will lift the flavour to refresh the finished oak character.

Options Available

French Standard (Toasting: light, medium, medium plus)
French Fine: (Toasting: light, medium, medium plus)
French Fermentation: (untoasted)
American Standard: (Toasting: medium, medium plus)
American Fine: (Toasting: medium, medium plus)

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