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Foudrerie François – Oak Foudres, Cuves, and Casks

Oval and round casks (foudres) for aging and white wine vinification, and upright oak fermenters (cuves) for red wine fermentation in every size and volume.

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Product Description


Over four generations, the François Family has become the world leader in premium oak for the aging of fine wines and spirits. Their line of custom large-format oak vessels is named in honour of Joseph François and the first generation of coopers, and their enduring vision of quality.

Quality & Philosophy

Foudrerie François is an artisan workshop in Brive where every foudre, cuve, and cask is hand-made to your exact specifications from the finest French oak, with an emphasis on fine to medium grain to ensure long-lasting oxidative and tannic exchanges. The wood is seasoned for 36-60 months (or more) in the Foudrerie’s open-air seasoning yard and all that the continental climate of Brive offers.

ISO 9001 certified since 2006, Foudrerie François ensures total traceability of the origin of their wood through a partnership with their historic suppliers and the long-serving team of experts. From receipt of the plots to their entry into production, organo-chlorine analyses are carried out to prevent all sources of contamination.

Lastly, the artisan foudriers pay particular attention to the selection of staves, fittings, and design, to ensure the quality of the foudres is evident in the aesthetics as well. The oenological design is entrusted to a team of professionals, made up of engineers, oenologists, and Master Foudriers to meet your oenological requirements and advise you in this highly specialized universe. Each cask is unique – just like the exceptional wines that will be matured inside. To further support your winemaking and aging objectives, Foudrerie François has developed tailor-made accessories with their suppliers to perfectly integrate into your cellar.

Though modern in their production management, the Foudrerie deliberately holds to the artisanal style of production and trusts in the talents of their team and the uniqueness of your wine. To this end, the staves of the foudres are bent with steam, heated over light flame for several hours, and manually scraped. Each vessel is affixed with an individual identification plate to trace its life from the Foudrerie’s workshop to your cellar, and there is an additional option to add an intricate carving of your winery’s emblem to the head of the cask.

These Foudres are made to be a legacy in your winery, and a travelling team of Master Foudriers is at your service to work on your wooden containers, providing everything from simple diagnostics to specific interventions. They remain at your disposal to support you with their expertise.


Oval and round casks (foudres) for aging and white wine vinification, and upright oak fermenters (cuves) for red wine fermentation in every size and volume. Contact us for more information about the many options for your winemaking goals and cellar needs.

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