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Method Traditionelle – Barida Muima TG – Small & Medium Production

Up to 300 bottles/hour

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Product Description

Muima TG – Workings for the classical method


  • Disgorging
  • Spillway
  • Dosing of liquor
  • Leveling with wine
  • Cork cap application
  • Application and closing cages

Production: Up to 300 bottles/hour

Notes: Autonomous production with the help of an operator. The triblock is complete with capping machine and wire cage.

The semi-automatic triblock combines in a single machine the operations for the wine according to the classic method, ie degorging, picking, dosing of liqueur, leveling with wine and complete with capping and corking.

The machine is operated by placing the bottle on the plate, using a two-handed control, and stops at the end of each cycle.

The loading of cork mushroom caps is manual while the distribution is automatic.

The operation of the wire cage is both mechanical and pneumatic; the loading of the cages takes place in the traditional barrel (barrel capacity 250 cages) while the distribution takes place automatically.