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Method Traditionelle – Barida Poker 400 – Medium Production

Method Traditionelle – Barida Poker 400 – Medium Production

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Product Description

Poker 400 – Workings for the classic method


  • Disgorging
  • Spillway
  • Dosing of liquor
  • Leveling with wine

Production: Up to 400 bottles/hour

Notes: Automatic machine with only one turret

The POKER 400 automatic monobloc consists mainly of an intermittent rotating turret equipped with six bottle gripping / closing units that perform, simultaneously and within the arc of a single rotation, four operations: disgorging, discharging, liquor dosing and leveling.

The bottle is overturned by about 65 °, and after removing the crown cap, it is closed to limit the outflow of wine and brought upright to be cut.

The bottle is then tilted again for the dosage of the liquor and returned to a vertical position for leveling.

The turret is equipped with a convenient device for unloading the corks that are conveyed into a tray inside the base.

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