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Filtrox-CARBOFIL Filter Sheets & Modules

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FILTROX CARBOFIL -Perfect for Decolorization, de-odorization or removal of other trace impurities in wine and beer.

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Immobilized carbon depth filter media

CARBOFIL™ Filter sheets allow the user to handle activated carbon in a much cleaner way than with loose carbon powders. There is no need for use of activated carbon powder or granules and no filter cake. FILTROX offers a whole family of different immobilized carbon grades to treat organic impurities of all types.

Powdered activated carbons (PAC) play a critical role in a vast and diverse range of applications. Decolorization, de-odorization or the removal of other trace impurities are amongst the most common applications where PAC are widely used in the pharmaceutical as well as in the food & beverage industries. Due to their unique adsorption characteristics, PAC are also used in biotechnological processing and the production of fine chemicals. In order to meet these various demands, there are a large number of activated carbons available, offering different levels of activation, molecular structure and purity levels. Using activated carbon in an immobilized form (e.g. in a depth filter sheet or lenticular module) offers significant benefits in handling, cleaning and time (cost savings), compared to using PAC. FILTROX CAR-BOFIL™ products bring out all the benefits of immobilized activated carbon versus PAC. Furthermore, the adsorption efficiency of immobilized activated carbon is higher than with an equivalent amount of bulk PAC.

Pore size distribution: Activated carbon is a highly porous adsorptive material. Organic contaminants get trapped within the pores. Pore sizes vary between micropores, mesopores and macropores with various pore size distribution patterns amongst different activated carbons, depending on the activation method and the material source involved.

Activated carbon selection: Based on these characteristics, it can be determined which types of molecules are adsorbed by a certain activated carbon. The size of the molecules adsorbed is directly related to the pore size distribution of the activated carbon.

Activated carbon characterization: Pore size distribution of a certain activated carbon is responsible for its specific adsorption pattern which is characterized by iodine number, methylene blue adsorption and molasses number.

CARBOFIL™ products can be used as flat sheets in a plate and frame filter such as in the NOVOX® series, or they may be applied as FILTRODISC™ lenticular modules in closed housings such as the DISCSTAR™ series.

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  1. strathconabeer

    I just wanted to say how fantastically the Carbofil sheets worked, the post filter product is practically water clear and still retained a certain amount of fruit flavour! Thank you for your assistance in making this work!
    Nick Nazarec
    Brewmaster – strathconabeer

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