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FiltroDisc PLUS Back-Flushable Lenticular Modules

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Improved design with back-flush capability for longer filter life.

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Depth filter modules make it possible to handle large filter areas in a simple manner and have been used in various food & beverage applications for many years. Filtration with such modules is carried out in an enclosed bell housing filter. The filter medium used in lenticular modules is a depth filter sheet. A combination of surface, depth and adsorptive filtration mechanisms lead to a high filtration performance. Depth filter products represent a cost-effective filtration solution.

With the FILTRODISC™ PLUS2, a new generation of depth filter modules is available. Due to their improved design and integrated support frame, the FILTRODISC™ PLUS2 modules can be backflushed in order to remove surface deposits more effectively. The filter media used for these modules are high-capacity Filtrox depth filter sheets (H grades) with even higher dirt holding capacity than standard grades.


FILTRODISC™ PLUS2 modules show the following benefits which result in important cost savings:

  • Possibility of backflushing of the modules can lead to longer filter life.
  • H grades filter media grant increased filtration capacity.
  • FILTRODISC™ PLUS2 modules can be installed in regular lenticular module housings with DOE adapter type.
  • For backflushing the FILTRODISC™ PLUS2 modules, no additional stabilization parts are needed.

Product Documents

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