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Eccentric Screw Pumps

Sorry, this product is not available in your country.

Gentle Giants, progressive cavity eccentric screw Pumps

Sorry, this product is unavailable or cellar-tek is not the distributor in your country. (We cater to Canada & North America.) Please feel free to inquire about local distribution contact information.

Product Description

  • German quality positive displacement Pumps
  • Reversible without loss of suction
  • Self-priming up to 8.5 meters
  • Gentle conveyance with low shearing of solids
  • Long-lasting, robust construction
  • Allows for pumping of fluids with high solids content

Additional Information


• By-pass valve for over-pressure protection • Dry-run shut-off protection • Vfd speed control, mechanical variable speed control • Basic on/off 1-speed or 2-speed • Stator material: nbr, epdm, ptfe • Capacities from 1000 – 70,000 lph