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Barrel Washing – CTB-M28E Low-Clearance Self-Evacuating Barrel Washer

High-pressure barrel washing wand with venturi suction self-evacuation of wash water designed to work in low clearance scenarios. eg. barrels stacked on racks.

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Product Description

CTB-M28E Low-Clearance Self-Evacuating Semi-Automatic Barrel Washer for reduced space applications.


  • L-shaped head and flex shaft for easy access to barrels stacked on 2-barrel racks
  • Wash barrels will they are stacked on standard stacking barrel racks without moving the barrels
  • 3-D electrically driven, rotating spray head that guarantees thorough and effective cleaning of the entire internal surface area of the barrel with 360-degree spray pattern.
  • 3-minute washing cycle
  • Self-evacuation of wash water via venturi effect
  • Slow rotating spray head with special fan jet nozzle removes tartaric acid deposits without damaging the internal surface of the wood
  • Effective for 200L-225L
  • Input water pressure required: 60 Bar (900 psi) to 140 Bar (2000 psi)
  • Input water flow rate: 10 LPM (2.6 GPM) to 25 LPM (6.5 GPM)
  • Maximum operating temperature: 90C (195F)
  • 110V power required for 24V transformer to rotate the spray head


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