Bulldog Pup Gas Barrel Racking Wand

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Bulldog Pup Gas Barrel Racking Wand

The original gas pressure racking tool, superior design, quality craftsmanship and proudly made in North America.

The Bulldog Pup racking wand uses gas pressure to transfer wine allowing easily controlled, gentle flow without agitation or oxidation. This convenient tool is indispensable for achieving extremely clean rackings. The Pup is the original top-quality racking device for the wine industry.

  • For extra gentle racking/emptying of barrels
  • Brass adjuster with an expanding food grade silicone bung securely seals the wand in the barrel
  • Uses inert gas head pressure to gently push the liquid from the barrel
  • 1.5” TC wine connection; other fittings are available on special order
  • Built-in sight glass
  • 50mm is the standard bung size
  • Overall length of a standard stainless steel racking wand is 36 inches
  • Fits both Bordeaux and Burgundy barrels
  • Wand slides up and down through the adjuster allowing up to 9 inches of vertical lees height adjustment
  • Gas inlet is 1/4 inch FNPT with a brass ball valve for easy gas control at the wand
  • 20 psi pressure relief valve comes installed to insure recommended pressures are not exceeded
  • Open end version available to accept a Foot Valve Kit at the wine inlet
  • Optional: Foot Valve Kit w/height adjustment and check valve
  • Optional Fitting: 1.5” TC butterfly valve
  • Optional: Flex Leg and Puncheon clamp-on enxtensions
  • Optional: 42mm and 48mm bungs

"In 1986, owner-winemaker-inventor Don Othman of Kynsi Winery made a huge contribution to the wine world with his creation of the Bulldog Pup, a gas pressure racking wand that more gently transfers wine between vessels than a conventional pump." - San Francisco Chronicle

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