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Enzyme Selection Guide – AEB®


Pectinases for must clarification
Endozym ActiveGranular pectinase enzymeTo break down pectins before must settling or flotation20-40 grams per ton of grape
Endozym FlotationLiquid pectinase enzyme for must clarification through flotation or cold settlingFast acting, it promotes the hydrolysis of the pectins and the separation of juice from the pomace5-10 ml per ton of grapes (5.75 – 11.5 grams per ton)
Endozym IceExtra rapid liquid pectinase enzymeVery fast de-pectinization that also prevents the inhibition of limiting factors like cold, low pH or SO22-6 ml per ton of grapes (about 2.3-6.9 grams per ton)
Endozym ICS 10 ÉclairHigh-concentration liquid pectinase enzymeThe higher concentration guarantees a longer shelf life & makes the package very easy to store in a small, refrigerate ed space1.5 to 5 ml per ton of grapes (about 1.7-5.75 grams/ton)
Endozym MicroLiquid pectinase enzymePromotes the hydrolysis of the pectins and the separation of juice from the pomace, resulting in an increase of free-run juice yield2-6 ml per ton of grapes (about 2.3-6.9 ml per ton)
Endozym MuscatGranular pectinase for “harder to clarify” varietalsArabanase and rhamnosidase are key ingredients that allow Endozym Muscat to quickly de-pectinize the most challenging varietals20-40 grams per ton of grape
Aromatic cold maceration enzymes
Endozym CultivarGranular enzyme for cold maceration of white grapesUsed at the press or added to the must going to the cold maceration tank. It weakens the cell walls in the pulp facilitating aromas extraction20-40 grams per ton of grapes
Color enzymes
Endozym Contact PelliculaireGranular maceration/colour extraction enzymeFacilitates the dissolution of anthocyanins and improves tannin extraction from skins20-40 grams per ton of grapes
Endozym ICS 10 RougeLiquid maceration-colour extraction concentrated enzymeAllows must to penetrate the cellular walls, enabling rapid colour and phenolic extraction1 to 3 ml per ton of grapes (1.15-3.45 grams/ton)
NEW! Endozym Rouge
deep skin
To extract colour and minimize lees in varieties with thicker skinReduces maceration times and the need for excessive pump overs.10 ml per ton of grapes
NEW! Endozym Rouge light skinTo extract colour and minimize lees in varieties with thinner skinAllows to maximize the concentration of polyphenols and varietal aromas of varietals with thinner skins10 ml per ton of grapes
Aroma and glucanase enzymes
Endozym AntibotrytisA mix of various activities including glucanase to reduce the impact of Botrytis cinerea and mould in generalReduces the PPO laccase released from botrytis and is responsible for moulded wine oxidation. It also reduces excessive glucans30-50 grams per ton of grapes or 20-40 grams per hl of wine (1.5-3 lbs./1, 000gallons)
Endozym ß-SplitGranulated Beta-Glucosidase specific for aroma extractionBeta-Glucosidase for aroma enhancement2- 5 grams per Hl or 20-50 ppm
Endozym ThiolLiquid carbon-sulfur lyaseIt favours the hydrolysis of the thiols precursors and enhances their expression in the wine20-40 ml (23-46 g) per ton of grape, or 20-40 ppm on must
Endozym GlucapecGlucanase/PectinaseTo facilitate filterability in wines rich in glucans and to extract polysaccharides from lees2 to 4 g/hl or 20-40 ppm or 1/3 lb/1,000 gallons
Flash-Détente technology and Thermo
Endozym TMOPool of enzymatic activitiesFor the clarification of heat extracted musts20-40 ppm
Apple enzymes
Endozym Alphamyl FJ∂-amylase enzyme for the clarification of cider and perryTo avoid possible starch-related haze and to facilitate ultrafiltration2-6 ml/100Kg of apples at 45-50°C. Contact time 60 minutes. If heat isn’t available, use 20ml/100Kg and double the contact time
Endozym Pectofruit PR:Cellulase for increasing yield and help clarification of cider and perryEnsures total degradation of the fruit structure before pressing30 ml/100Kg of apples at °C. If heat isn’t available, use 70 ml/100Kg

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