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Thermo Scientific Orion Star A329 pH/ ISE/ Conductivity/ Dissolved Oxygen Portable Multiparameter Meter

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This meter is designed for a wide range of pH, ion concentration, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and temperature testing and field applications.

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Product Description

Take your measurements at the source with our premium line of portable meters. The Thermo Scientific Orion Star A329 pH/ISE/Conductivity/RDO/DO Portable Meter offers an information-rich screen and user-friendly operation. This rugged, waterproof portable meter is ready to tackle the elements with you. Orion Star A329 pH/ISE/Conductivity/RDO/DO Portable Meters are designed to be easy-to-use, dependable field meters that offer advanced features and functions including a 5000 point date log with sample ID and user ID options, calibration and high/low limit alarms and password-protected measurement methods.
  • Combined convenience with the benefits of a pH/ISE meter, conductivity meter and dissolved oxygen meter in one easy-to-use system
  • Measure pH, ion concentration, mV, relative mV or ORP with temperature on channel one; measure conductivity, TDS, salinity or resistivity with temperature on channel two; and measure dissolved oxygen in percent saturation or mg/L with temperature using RDO optical DO probes or polarographic DO probes on channel three
  • Easily view individual measurements on a full screen display and quickly toggle to a split screen display to view multiple measurements simultaneously
  • Perform up to five point pH and ISE calibrations with calibration editing option that allows individual points to be fixed without a full recalibration
  • Perform up to a five point conductivity calibration
  • Auto-ranging conductivity values offer consistent readings across entire measurement range without need to recalibrate
  • Use linear, non-linear, EP (USP) or off conductivity temperature compensation with 5°C, 10°C, 15°C, 20°C or 25°C reference temperatures
  • Calibrate dissolved oxygen using water-saturated air, air-saturated water, custom value (Winkler titration) and zero point options
  • Automatically compensate dissolved oxygen readings using ATC temperature, manual salinity input and built-in barometer for barometric pressure readings
  • Informative, easy-to-read backlit graphic display with clear onscreen instructions simplifies operation
  • Capture your critical readings with measurement stability indicator and selectable read modes — Auto-Read holds a stable reading, Continuous shows changing readings with hold option and Timed logs data at specific intervals
  • Data log collects and date/time stamps up to 5000 measurement sets with optional sample ID and user ID
  • Calibration log stores 10 most recent calibrations
  • Non-volatile meter memory ensures your data and settings are protected, even with loss of power
  • Orion Star Com software facilitates data transfer to a computer via USB or RS232 connections
  • Flexible power options with AA batteries or optional universal power adapter
  • IP67-rated housing is waterproof for rugged field operation
  • Meter kits include hard-sided field case and protective meter armor with electrode holders, adjustable wrist/belt strap and built-in meter stand
  • Meters offer CE, TUV 3-in-1 and FCC Class A certifications


AC AdapterUniversal 50-60 Hz, 100-240 VAC power adapter (sold separately, Cat. No. 1010003)
OutputsUSB, RS232
Accuracy (Barometer)±6mmHg
Accuracy (Conductivity)0.5% of reading ±1 digit > 3 μS; 0.5% of reading ±0.01 μS ≤ 3 μS
Accuracy (ISE)±0.2 mV or ±0.05% of reading whichever is greater
Accuracy (mV)±0.2 mV or ±0.05% of reading whichever is greater
Accuracy (pH)±0.002
Accuracy (Polarographic DO)±0.2mg/L or ±2% of reading, whichever is greater
Accuracy (RDO)±0.1mg/L up to 8mg/L, ±0.2mg/L from 8 to 20mg/L, ±10% of reading up to 50mg/L
Accuracy (Resistivity)0.5% of reading ±1 digit
Accuracy (Salinity)0.5% of reading ±1 digit
Accuracy (TDS)0.5% of reading ±1 digit
Advanced ISE FunctionsSegmented (point-to-point) slope, non-linear selectable auto-blank, low concentration range stabilit
Alarm OutputHigh/low limit alarm, calibration due alarm
Backlight OptionYes, selectable
Barometric Pressure Correction400 to 850mmHg, automatic using built-in barometer or manual entry
Battery Life800 hr.
Battery Type4 AA (included)
CalibrationpH with calibration editing option, ion concentration (ISE) with calibration editing option, relativ
Calibration ModesWater-saturated air, air-saturated water, manual (Winkler titration), zero point
Calibration Points1 point relative mV (RmV) mode, 1 point ORP mode
Calibration Points (Conductivity)Up to 5
Calibration Points (ISE)1 to 5
Calibration Points (pH)1 to 5
Cell Constant0.001 to 199.9cm-1
Certifications/ComplianceCE, TUV 3-1, FCC Class A
Data Management DetailsTransfer single, range or all data points to printer or computer
Data Points5000 with date and time stamp
DescriptionOrion Star A329 pH/ISE/conductivity/RDO/DO portable meter kit with ROSS Ultra Triode low maintenance gel pH/ATC electrode, DuraProbe 4-cell conductivity sensor, RDO optical DO sensor, solutions, meter armor and field case
Display TypeLCD Graphic, Backlit
IP RatingIP 67
Measurement ModespH, mV, Relative mV, TDS, ORP with Temperature, Salinity, Conductivity, Resistivity with Temperature
Percent Saturation Range Polarographic DO0.0 to 600.0 % saturation
Range (Conductivity)0.001 μS/cm to 3000 mS/cm
Range (mV)±2000.0 mV
Range (pH)-2.000 to 20.000
Range (Resistivity)2 ohm to 100.0 meg-ohm
Range (Salinity)0.06 to 80.00 psu, 0.05 to 42.00 ppt
Range (TDS)0.001 ppm to 200.0 ppt
Resolution (ISE)0.0001 minimum, 1 to 3 significant digits (user selectable)
Resolution (pH)0.1/0.01/0.001
Temperature Range (Metric)-5.0°C to +105.0°C
IncludesStar A329 pH/ISE/Conductivity/RDO/DO Meter with Batteries; 8107UWMMD ROSS Gel-filled Epoxy pH/ATC Triode with 3 Meter Cable; 013010MD DuraProbe Epoxy 4-Probe (K=0.475) Conductivity Probe with 3 Meter Cable; 087010MD RDO Optical DO Probe with 3 Meter Cable
InputsBNC (pH or ORP electrode), pin-tip (reference electrode), 8 pin MiniDIN (conductivity sensor with built-in temperature or ATC temperature probe), 9 pin MiniDIN (RDO optical or polarographic DO sensor with built-in temperature)
Isopotential Point7.000pH
KeypadComprehensive with menu-specific function keys and dual purpose scroll/shortcut keys
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Chinese; Portuguese and Korean available with software update
Log Function TypeAutomatic data logging with Auto-Read and Timed measure modes; manual data logging with Continuous m
MemoryNon-volatile memory preserves data log, calibration log and meter settings
Methods10 per channel with password protection
ModelOrion Star A329 pH/ISE/mV/RmV/ORP/Conductivity/TDS/Salinity/Resistivity/RDO Optical/Dissolved Oxygen/Temperature Portable Meter
Percent Saturation Range (Polarographic DO)0.0 to 600.0 % saturation
Percent Saturation Relative Accuracy (RDO)±2 % saturation ≤ 200 % saturation, ±10 % saturation > 200 % saturation
Percent Saturation Resolution (Polarographic DO)0.1, 1 % saturation
Percent Saturation Range (RDO)0.0 to 500.0 % saturation
Percent Saturation Relative Accuracy (Polarographic DO)±2 % saturation or ±2% of reading whichever is greater
Percent Saturation Resolution (RDO)0.1, 1 % saturation
Power Supply4 AA batteries (included) or universal AC adapter (sold separately)
Pressure Range400 to 850mmHg
Pressure Resolution1mmHg
Range (ISE)0.0001 to 19900 with selectable units of ppm, Molar, mg/L, %, ppb or none
Range (ORP)±2000.0 mV
Range (Polarographic DO)0.00 to 90.00mg/L
Range (RDO)0.00 to 50.00mg/L
Range (Relative mV)±2000.0 mV
Relative Humidity Range5 to 85 %, non-condensing
Resolution (Conductivity)0.001 μS minimum, auto ranging up to 4 significant digits
Resolution (mV)0.1mV
Resolution (Polarographic DO)0.01, 0.1mg/L
Resolution (RDO)0.01, 0.1mg/L
Resolution (Resistivity)1 ohm or 0.1 meg-ohm, auto ranging
Resolution (Salinity)0.01 psu or 0.01 ppt minimum, auto ranging
Resolution (TDS)0.001 ppm minimum, auto ranging up to 4 significant digits
Salinity Factor0.0 to 45.0 ppt, automatic correction using conductivity reading or manual entry of sample salinity
Salinity Measurement ModesPractical salinity (psu) or natural sea water (ppt)
StabilitySelectable fast, medium, slow or Smart Stability setting; Selectable off or Automatic Smart averaging setting
TDS Factor RangeLinear (0.02 to 9.99)
Temperature Accuracy±0.1°C
Temperature CompensationLinear, nLFn (non-linear ultra pure water), nLFu (non-linear ultra pure degassed water), EP (off with warning) or off
Temperature (English) Operating41°F to 113°F (ambient)
Temperature (Metric) Operating5°C to 45°C (ambient)
Temperature (Metric) Reference5, 10, 15, 20, 25°C
Temperature Probe Calibration1 point temperature offset calibration
Temperature Range (English)22.0°F to 221.0° F
Temperature Resolution0.1°C, 0.1°F
Temperature SelectionManual or automatic with ATC temperature probe
Warranty3 Year Meter
Dimensions (L x W x H)24cm x 10cm x 6.5cm (9.5 in. x 3.9 in. x 2.6 in.)
Weight (English)1.2 lb.
Weight (Metric)0.5 kg
Unit SizeEach

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