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Orbital 360 Spray Head

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GEA Breconcherry’s orbital cleaners operate on two axes; rotating horizontally and vertically.

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Product Description

Orbital Tank Washer – Typhoon
  • GEA Breconcherry’s orbital cleaners operate on two axes; rotating horizontally and vertically.
  • Hygienic design
  • Low maintenance
  • FDA conform and ATEX exempt
  • Economic flow rates
  • Long dwell time jets
  • Energy-saving drive technology
  • Different nozzle diameters
  • Self-cleaning nozzle
  • Monitoring by rotation sensor (optional)
  • Preferred mounting position: any
  • Available for tank safety system VARITOP®
Versatile & Unique
  • The tank washer’s ultra sleek design, is designed to be one of the most powerful, and versatile cleaning units in it’s class.
  • The sleek, smooth exterior, combined with the unit’s self cleaning abilities, provides an ultra hygienic exterior surface suitable for use in the most hygiene conscious environments.
  • The unit is powered by a simple turbine drive, resulting in low maintenance and very low running costs.
  • The constant, repeatable and validateable action of the unit provides very powerful, stable jets with high dwell times, maximising chemical contact time and mechanical energy.
  • When combined with the new Veri-Clean validation system, the package makes the perfect jetting cleaning system.
  • Cleaning fluid powers a turbine mechanism which drives the vertically aligned gearbox.
  • The controlled rotation of the nozzles creates a spiral cleaning pattern, which builds to cover the entire surface of the vessel.
  • The cleaning pattern is predictable, reproducible and verifiable.
  • Functionality of the unit can be enhanced by the addition of the “Veri-Clean” validation system.

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