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Nano Brewing Equipment is designed as 1hL and 2hL per brew. Skid Brewhouse and Skid cellar tanks. It allows professional brew master or home brewer to brew small-batch beer.

Our Nano brewing systems can be applied to nano brewery, small brewpub or restaurants.

The nano brewing equipment can achieve temperature and time as well as automatic control of the pump.

Two Vessels Skid Brewhouse

  • MLT and KWT construction
  • MLT Bottom Mounted Rake With VFD
  • Top Glass Manway
  • Capacity, 1hL and 2hL
  • Heating Method, Steam or Electronic Elements

Skid Cellar Tanks

  • Three Unitanks/Fermenters
  • Top Manway
Accessories: Spunding Valve, PVRV Valve, Temperature Sensor, Raking Arm, Pressure, Temperature and Level Gauge, Carbonation Stone with Check & Ball Valves

Pilot brewing equipment works the same as large beer equipment, but pilot brewing equipment can produce a small amount of standard craft beer. The system allows brewers to conduct small-scale beer trials.If you want to have your own craft brewery, pilot brewing equipment is the best choice, you can install it in bars, breweries or restaurants.


4,5 vessel pilot equipment

For larger breweries, you can buy four or five vessels, and pilot brewing equipment is used in the same way as large brewing equipment. Test reports for pilot brewing equipment can be used directly in large brewing systems.


  • Construction: stainless steel 304/316
  • Custom design

Operation: Fully automatic / manual

Layout: Sliding/Separating

Capacity: 1hL to 5hL

Heating: steam / electrical

2, 3 vessel pilot brewing equipment

For medium-volume breweries or bars, you can purchase two or three vessel for pilot brewing.


  • mash & lauter combination
  • Capacity: 1hL to 3hL

mash & kettle combination

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