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Nano Brewing Equipment

Pilot Brewing Systems for 2 & 3.5 hL brews.
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Product Description

Nano/Pilot Brewhouses are available in 2hL and 3.5hL sizes allowing the professional brewer or home brewer to brew small batches of beer on equipment that will perform similarly to larger craft brewing systems.

Our Nano brewing systems can be used in a small brewpub/restaurant or in a larger craft brewery as their pilot system for developing new beers on a smaller test scale.

Control and display for temperature(s) in the brewhouse vessels along with pump operations are consolidated to a central control panel.

Two Vessels Skid-mounted Brewhouse (2hL / 3.5hL)

  • Combi Mash/Lautertun (MLT) and combi Kettle/Whirlpool (KW) design
  • 304 Stainless Steel construction
  • Manual or Semi-automatic controls
  • Top Glass Manway on MLT and KW
  • Heating: Insulated Steam Jackets (steam generator not included) or Electric Immersion Heating Elements

Solo or Skid-mounted Cellar Tanks

  • Free-standing or 3 x Skid-mounted Unitanks/Fermenters
  • Top Manway (2 & 3.5hL)
  • Side Manway (6hL)
  • Double wall with insulation and glycol cooling jackets

Nano Chillers (Made in USA)

  • Designed for nano-brewing systems

Accessories: Spunding Fermentation Valve, PRV Valve, Temperature Sensor, Racking Arm, Pressure Gauge, Temperature and Level Gauge, C.I.P. Sprayballs, Carbonation Stone with Check & Ball Valves

Pilot Systems

For larger breweries, looking to mimic their full size brewhouse with pilot brewing equipment we can provide up to 4 vessel systems.


  • Construction: 304 stainless steel
  • Custom design to customer’s specs
  • Operation: Semi-automatic / Manual
  • Heating: Insulated Steam jackets (steam generator not included) / electrical immersion heating elements

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