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AEB Malolact Acclimatée 4R

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A bacterial culture effective in promoting malolactic fermentation, suited for wines with a high tannic content.

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Product Description

A bacterial culture effective in promoting malolactic fermentation, suited for wines with a high tannic content.

Malolactic bacteria preparation (Oenococcus oeni), selected for red wines with a high concentration of polyphenols (TPI above 75), alcoholic degree higher than 13,5% vol., pH between 3.2 and 3.5 with free sulphur dioxide content of between 20 and 30 mg/L. Tests conducted in winery highlighted that Malolact Acclimatėe 4R rapidly undertakes malolactic fermentation when inoculated at temperatures higher than 20°C and the malic acid gets completely depleted even at 12°C. It does not produce biogenic ammines.

  • Frozen culture at -20ºC. Multi strain (3 strains) inoculum of Oenococcus Oeni for malolactic fermentations.
  • Melolact Acclimatée 4R is a direct add ML inoculum, ideal for white, blush and red wines.
  • This culture is constituted of three genetically different strains of Oenococcus oeni, equally effective in conducting the malolactic fermentation. This union helps improve competition in the event of a high population of indigenous bacteria.
  • Malolact Acclimatée 4R has been selected for its capacity to highlight the typical aromas of the cultivar from which the wine was made, integrating them with pleasant fruity nuances. It improves the taste profile of wines enhancing roundness and fullness, prolonged after-taste sensations.
  • The appearance of bitter or green nuances, which often characterize wines at the end of spontaneous malolactic fermentation are absent.

Dosage rate and usage instructions:

  • Remove Malolact Acclimatée 4R from the freezer or refrigerator 30 minutes before use. After addition homogenize with a pump over.
  • Malolact Acclimatée 4R works as a direct add, but its activity can be boosted by simple rehydration for 24 hours to increase inoculum.

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