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Isobaric Filling – Barida ISO 4S – Small Production

Up to 300 bottles/hour

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Product Description

ISO 4S – Isobaric filling

Operations: Isobaric filling

Production: Up to 300 bottles/hour

Notes: The machine works automatically allowing the operator to devote itself only to the logistics of loading and unloading the bottles

Suitable for filling drinks with added carbon dioxide in bottles of various sizes, ISO 4S works automatically, allowing the operator to devote himself exclusively to the loading and unloading of the plate.

The faucets contain the best technology designed to prevent foaming of the product, ensuring maximum fluidity of the filling combined with a fully automatic leveling system; it also allows tandem filling of two bottles at the same time.

The ISO 4S is built entirely in stainless steel AISI 304 (or AISI 316 at the request of the customer); some details are made of plastic or rubber (also certified for food use or compatible with this use) while the access walls to the work area are made of transparent, high impact resistant material that allows the operator to follow the processing.