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Biolact Acclimatée 4R

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Frozen at -20ºC Multi strain (4 strains) inoculum of Oenococcus oeni
for Malo-lactic Fermentations.

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Product Description

  • Biolact Acclimatée 4R is a direct add ML inoculum ideal for big red wines.
  • In this product you’ll find an aggregate of four Oenococcus Oeni strains especially selected for working in red wines. Here the selection is focused mostly on having a strain not only resistant to ethanol and SO2, but also to high levels of polyphenols.
  • Biolact Acclimatée 4R has been selected under the following conditions:
    • pH: 3.2; Temperature: 18 °C;
    • Alcohol level: 14.5%;
    • Total SO2 60 ppm; concentration of polyphenols: 80 (By Total polyphenol index).
  • Dose at 1g/Hl. It is packaged in measured doses for 66 gal, 660 gal, 6600gal.
  • Remove Biolact Acclimatée 4R from freezer 30 minutes before use. Biolact Acclimatée 4R works as a direct add, but its activity can be boosted by a simple rehydration for 24 hours to increase inoculum.

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