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Amcor® Custom EasyPeel Capsules

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EasyPeel is an innovative system that makes opening premium wines easy and safe.

Sorry, this product is unavailable or cellar-tek is not the distributor in your country. (We cater to Canada & North America.) Please feel free to inquire about local distribution contact information.


  • A discreet indicator (slit opening) that guides the user where to place the knife
  • The precision-engineered top releases along the perfect line after opening
  • High-resolution silk-screen printing (up to 5 colors on skirt / 5 colors on head)
  • Premium decoration: numerous printing options and finishes
  • Embossing with or without printing on capsule top


Customer benefits

  • Preserve wine-opening traditions: there’s no pull-tab, EASYPEEL uses a traditional wine key
  • Quick and clean: safe and easy to open
  • Perfect for professionals who open dozens of bottles daily
  • Maintain your brand: the discreet indicator doesn’t impact capsule design
  • EASYPEEL is used on premium seamless aluminium capsules
  • Wide range of premium finished and high-resolution silkscreen options
  • The capsule remains consistently neat and clean after opening
  • Cost control: the aluminium capsules lower packaging costs while maintaining the premium appearance of tin
  • Environmentally responsible: aluminium is fully recyclable


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