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Polysaccharide Selection Guide – AEB®


The refinement is a fundamental stage in the wine evolution, as it allows winemakers to highlight the qualities of wines and to increase their stability over time. One of the most common practices for the obtainment of full-bodied and harmonious wines with an intense and varietal aroma, is the bâtonnage, an oenological technique with a long tradition in Burgundy, consisting in keeping the wine in contact with the lees for several months and periodically re-suspending them by means of a gentle stirring. Its utilization at the end of the alcoholic fermentation allows to prolong the anti-oxidizing action carried out by SO2.

AEB mannoproteins contained in the Bâtonnage line are immediately soluble and therefore eliminate the time, labor and barrels needed in traditional aging on lees. The peptide Glutathione is naturally contained in these products and provides protection against oxygen since the early stages of winemaking and also extends the shelflife of the finished wines.

ApplicationsSuggested WinesSweetnessUmami
Elevage GluStrongest protection against oxidation, adds
sweetness and mid-palate.
Aromatic wines in need of protection
from color and aromas oxidation
Batonnage Plus
Aromatic protection, colloidal stability, redox
stability, structure.
Fermentation of reds and whites in
order to stabilize color and aromas
and to build volume
Batonnage Plus
It brings a modern note of chocolate, softness
and structure.
Wine with vegetal aromas and in
general to age reds that don’t have the
right “kick” (length, body)
Batonnage Plus
Highlights flavors, softness and structure,
cleans aroma.
Whites and reds in need of roundness
and structure

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