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Malolactic Fermentation Conditions – AEB®


MLB Nutrient

Fermoplus Malolactique

Nutrient targeted for bacteria. It helps the onset of MLF, improving nutritional conditions of the wine. It reduces lag-phase and time to MLF completion, resulting in cleaner wines.

  • Utilization: dissolve dose in wine to be treated, along with the dose of malolactic bacteria.
  • Dosage: 5-20 g/hl. Higher dosage is for when used for co-inoculation.
  • Packaging: 500 gram packs and 5 kg bags.

Malo Lactic Fermentation Conditions

Factors and values that influence Malolactic fermentation.

Simple conditionsChallenging conditionsDifficult conditionsExtreme conditions
Alcohol (%vol.)<1313-1515-17>17
Free SO2<810-1212-15>15
Total SO2<3030-4040-60>60
Temperature (°C)18-22Low: 14-18Low: <14Low: <10
High: 18-24High: >24High: >29
Initial malic acid (g/L)2-4High: 4-5High: 5-7High: >7
Low: 1-2Low: 0,5-1Low: <0,5

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