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How To Prepare a Solution for a Bench Trial – AEB®


A bench trial is a small-scale trial meant to simulate the addition of an additive or fining agent to a larger volume of wine. To make a bench trial with one of these products, liquid or powder, you will need:

  • Scale precisely to the tent of gram
  • 100ml flask
  • 1-10ml graduated pipettes or dropper
  • Containers for the product solutions (1 for each product trialled)
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  1. Prepare stock solution: weight 1.2 grams of product, either liquid or powdered. (What counts is still the weight, so pipette liquid products on the weight dish right on the precision scale.) Add some wine to rinse off the weight dish into the flask and bring the solution to 100ml with the same wine to be treated.
  2. If using a fining product, use water instead of wine.
  3. Add stock solution to desired wine in order to achieve the dosage rate that you are looking for. Every 1ml of stock solution added to 100 ml of wine will be equal t an addition of 12 g/hL. (120 ppm or 1 lb/100 gal)
Bench trials cheap sheet
Bench trial stock solution 12% w/v100ml bench trial 120ppm = 1lb/ 1000gal120 ppm into 3800 L = 1000 gal
Arabinol1.10mL / 100ml1 ml stock into 100mL418ml
Arabinol Arome1.15mL / 100ml1 ml stock into 100mL437ml
Arabinol HC1.03mL / 100ml1 ml stock into 100mL392ml
Gelsol1.00mL / 100ml1 ml stock into 100mL380ml
Spindasol1.10mL / 100ml1 ml stock into 100mL380ml
Carbosil1.10mL / 100ml1 ml stock into 100mL380ml
Liquid Tannin1.10mL / 100ml1 ml stock into 100mL380ml
Densities of liquid products and cheat sheet for additions.

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