Tank Temperature Control Pack

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Tank Temperature Control Pack
  • The tank temperature control board will control the temperature of a single tank, starting and stopping the flow of glycol that is required to maintain the desired temperature.
  • Simply plug the unit into 110V power and hook up a glycol hose from your chiller and the supplied glycol hose to your tank.
  • The unit will automatically control the flow of glycol to consistently maintain the set temperature.
  • It comes with quick connect fittings that match the existing glycol hoses and tank fittings commonly found in wineries.
  • This allows it to be moved freely around the cellar to any tank where precise temperature control is required. Ideally suited for wineries with portable chiller units.

The control pack consists of

  • No- rusting aluminum backing panel with mounting bracket
  • 110V temperature thermostat with CSA certified power cable and plug end
  • 8’ temperature probe
  • 8’ x ¾” glycol hose with quick connect fittings to attach to tank
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Product: Tank Temperature Control Pack