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Pulsair Pneumatage Cap Management and Tank Mixing

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Pneumatic method of cap management and tank mixing utilizing large air or gas bubbles.

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Product Description

Pulsair Fermentation Cap Management and Tank Mixing

  • Used for cap management on red wine fermentations and tank mixing for ingredient additions or wine blending, the PULSAIR system works in the shortest amount of time using the least amount of energy.
  • Pulsair’s “Pneumatage” equipment is being used throughout the world in place of pumping over, punching down, irrigation and other conventional methods of cap management.
  • Very efficient and effective for tank mixing after ingredient additions or for blending wines in tank. 4-5 pulses are all that is required to completely mix the contents of most winery tanks.
  • Pulsair offers hand-held, portable systems and fixed, programmable tank systems that accommodate any size winery.
  • By sequentially introducing a large bubble of clean compressed air or nitrogen, Pulsair can effectively break the cap and circulate the fruit and skins throughout tank.
  • The Pulsair bubble uses gravity and the weight of the liquid, to circulate the contents without shearing the product or macerating the fruit.
  • The PTM and TM hand-held units can be used from the top of the tank with an 80” stainless steel probe or through either the racking port or drain port with ball valves.
  • This lightweight equipment can be moved from tank to tank with relative ease.
  • Programmable systems offer the most convenience and cost savings for the winemaker.
  • By setting the “Pneumatage” parameters ahead of time, winemakers know that the cap will be managed on time, consistently, every time.
  • The smaller mixers weigh less than ten pounds for mixing containers up to 2000 gallons and can be used at the top of the tank with a probe or mounted at the racking or drain port.

Benefits of Pulsair Wine Cap Management

  • Extract full potential from your grapes
  • Soft, round skin tannins
  • Fresher wines with less reductive aromatics
  • Uniform fermentation temperature
  • Healthy fermentations
  • Shorter vinification
  • More natural fermentations
  • Gentle homogenization
  • Less physical work




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