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McClain Ozone

McClain Ozone-Friendly Pressure Washer

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Commercial Heavy-Duty stainless steel ozone friendly pressure washer

Sorry, this product is unavailable or Cellar-Tek is not the distributor in your country. (We cater to Canada & North America.) Please feel free to inquire about local distribution contact information.
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Product Description

McClain Ozone-Friendly Pressure Washer

  • Commercial Heavy-Duty stainless steel construction throughout
  • Cart-Mounted
  • All seals and non-metal parts are ozone-compatible
  • Ozone-compatible pump – Stainless steel with Viton seals
  • Ozone-compatible hose (25 ft.)
  • Supply water – Hot/Cold, 15 LPM (4 GPM), 10-70 psi, up to 70C (160F)
  • 220-230V single-phase (220-230V 3-phase, and 480V 3-phase available)
  • 2-year limited parts warranty
Non-ozone resistant standard pressure washer hose (50 ft.)Stainless steel pressure washer stand

Additional Information


• Non-ozone resistant standard pressure washer hose (50 ft.), • Stainless steel pressure washer stand

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